Package Dine Ziplock Bags

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20 Pcs Reusable Freezer Bags of 1 Gallon Capacity, Ziplock Pouches for Storing Food, Resealable Plastic Food Bags to Maintain Freshness.

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Gallon-sized Freezer Bags: Package Dine Ziplock bags contains 20 pieces of 1-gallon sized large zip lock bags that securely stores a gallon of food maintaining its freshness and protecting it from freezer burn. Durable & Heat Resistant: These resealable plastic bags can endure cracker or nuts crushing and lets you defrost your food in the microwave as they are lasting and heat resistant and their easy-to-open-and-pack durable seal keeps the food safe. Food Storage Pouches: Store that leftover curry, keep the fruits and veggies garden-fresh, and sort out your entire week’s meal ahead with these reusable food bags that maintain the same taste and freshness. Multipurpose Storage Bags: It’s up to you whether you want to use it as your snack or sandwich bag or want to organize toys, stationery, jewellery, or any other accessories using these sealable plastic bags. Eco-Friendly & Reusable: The BPA free plastic makes these reusable freezer bags environmentally safe and long-lasting. Clean it with one wash of hot water and it is ready to be reused.